Welcome To Health Mutt Seattle!

Food and Fun for your Four-Legged Friends! Treats, food, and supplements for cats and dogs, and the best selection of collars, toys, beds, and other fun stuff for your furry family members!

About Health Mutt Seattle

jennhugsAll of Health Mutt’s food is meat-first, filler-free, by-product free, U.S. sourced and produced. We don’t have a single food that’s not top quality. We don’t mess around!

And of course we love the cute collars and the raincoats that don’t leave us with stinky and wet dogs after a walk. We carry as many local, or U.S.-made, products as possible. If we sell it, it’s because we love it!

Driving Directions and Business Hours

Address: 1207 NE 65th St, Seattle, WA 98115
Phone: (206) 729-2649
Business Hours
Monday through Friday:  11am to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday:  10am to 7pm

Food and Fun for your Four-Legged Friends!

Food: Our approach is simple – good food makes a big difference! Shiny coats, bouncy energy, and bright smiles all begin with good nutrition. We want to guide you in your search for the best dog and cat food for your furry family members. Natural supplements can also make a big difference in preventing health problems or solving current issues, and our staff can help you find the perfect fit.

Fun: Fun comes in many forms at Health Mutt: treats, toys, chews, grooming products (aren’t baths fun?), the absolute cutest collars, leashes and harnesses. Our philosophy is that a tired dog is a good dog, and we have lots of suggestions for how to wear your beast out! Doggie puzzles, long-lasting chews, no-pull harnesses for a more enjoyable walk … the list goes on! And cats are family, too, so rest assured that we have lots of fantastic feline finds as well.

  • Health Mutt is amazing — The staff and of course amazing owner Jennifer are so helpful and kind. I came in the day I got my pup Moose and have come here for everything I’ve needed ever since. They not only help with all of your supply needs but also give great recommendations for other dog-related local businesses! Parking is easy, and they are very fair about returns as well. Highly recommend!!

    Leah L
    Wallingford, Seattle, WA
  • Great little shop. Love that if I buy 11/12 bags of food I get 1 free. Makes the great quality food I give my little guy a little easier on my pocket. Harley loves their frozen bones and treat bar. We live that they keep him so preoccupied. Amazing customer service. Easy returns if any problems with a product. Local family owned. Love when we get her dad helping us– he’s such a gem. Thank you health mutt.

    Tabatha J
    Seattle, WA
  • Love this place. Roommate recommended it. The owners are great people and they have high quality toys made of kevlar. I asked the lady if they had any indestructible toys for my GSD, and she looked at me and quietly said with a smile, there is no such thing. If determined they will destroy anything. But the kevlar just slows the process. I like honesty.

    Adrian L
    Seattle, WA